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Today we talk about a fresh topic “CHAT GPT” (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). This latest AI chatbot launched by OpenAI on 30th november 2022. This is the latest version of the GPT-3.5 family chatbot. CHAT GPT launched as a prototype on 30th november,2022 and from the day one it quickly gained lots of attention. OpenAI is again making headlines and buzz with its latest artificial intelligence. Today Artificial intelligence dominates the world of the internet. Now GPT-3 has become the internet’s best known language processing AI model. its  name was GPT-3 but now it’s known as ChatGPT. It is capable of generating more and real human-like text and a wide range of multi-tasking like language translation, language modelling and generation of text for chatbots. It’s the largest and most powerful language processing AI model to date with 175 billion parameters. It’s a highly capable chatbot to give you a little taste of its most basic ability. GPT-3 is more than a chatbot. It can’t produce video, sound or images like Dall-E 2, but instead has an in-depth understanding of the spoken and written word.


This gives a wide range of abilities of writing poems and it’s capable to do funny and rom com conversation. Where we spend hours of researching, understanding and writing an article on quantum mechanics, Chat GPT can produce a well written alternative in seconds.

How does it work?

chat gpt 3

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On the face of it, GPT-3’s technology is simple. It take your requests and questions, and quickly answers them. As you would imagine, the technology do this is a lot more complicated than it sounds.

The model trained using text databases from the internet. This included a 570GB of data obtained from books, web texts, Wikipedia, articles and other sources of writing on the internet. To be even more exact, 301 billion words were fed into the system.

In order to become the ultimate know-it-all, this technology constantly improves its comprehension of prompts and inquiries while making educated guesses about what the next word should be.

Is Microsoft plans to use ChatGPT in future

Reid Hoffman. One of OpenAI’s major investors will be first to employ the ChatGPT for practical purposes.

Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI, and the business is now trying to integrate ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. For years, Microsoft always has fought to compete with Google as a search engine, searching for every feature that may make it stand out.

Less than 10% of all online searches conducted worldwide were conducted using Bing in 2016. Even though that may seem insignificant, the fact that Bing is one of the most widely used options is another evidence of Google’s market dominance.

With plans to implement Chat GPT 3 into its system, Bing is hoping to better understand users’ queries and offer a more conversational search engine.

It is currently unclear how much Microsoft plans to implement Chat GPT into Bing, however this will likely begin with stages of testing. Complete deployment runs the risk of Bing falling victim to GPT-3’s prejudice, which can frequently dive deeply into political and racial preconceptions. Chat GPT updating himself day by day.

OpenAI and Microsoft
Extend their Partnership

Microsoft’s next multi-year, multi-billion dollar budget will enable us to carry out our own independent research and create AI which is more powerful, safer, and helpful than it was in 2019 and 2021. The OpenAI non-profit is in charge of running OpenAI, which is still a capped-profit organisation. This open ai chat gpt structure enables us to gather the funds required to achieve our objective without compromising our core values such as the importance of prioritising safety and the need for broadly sharing benefits.

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